Our ’Youth Bonding ‘scheme


Earlier in October, Karen Buck MP, hosted the launch of our ‘Youth Bonding' scheme at the House of Commons to promote community giving & investment in young people.

The project is being initiated by Paddington Youth Enterprises Ltd (PYE) – who have teamed up with Westminster Council and partners in London /Oslo to produce a plan that will help create a Small Grants fund for youth.

Our idea originally came from a Government of Flanders report on WWI that proposed the creation of ‘youth bonds’ to engender a positive contribution to society by investing in young people.

Trees4Xmas social enterprise company is now promoting this concept in the domestic and retail arenas across the December festive season. Using their organisational skills and enterprise, PYE youth will now be coordinating a Westminster-wide network based on local ‘Community Tree’ sites - to promote public involvement and inspire donors to invest in the value of our young people.


Domestic ‘bonds’ will take the form of pop-out decorations for the home (as shown) whereas Retail ‘bonds’ will be window wreaths (natural and/or cling-graphics) to brighten our streetscapes in the dark winter nights.

Sale proceeds of the ‘bonds’ (after costs) will then be paid into a local charitable fund – to create a ‘Small Grants’ scheme for allocation to youth projects proposed by local agencies.

And, apart from the sense of a quiet personal acclaim, all ‘bond’ purchasers will then be eligible to vote on the value of proposed projects and to access early information on festive events taking place across Westminster. 

The project is supported by the Lord Mayor of Westminster – who will be encouraging bond purchasers to attend the lighting up ceremony for the ‘Trafalgar Tree’ on Thursday 1st December.

You can buy these pop-out decoration Youth Bonds in our shop, here!