Trees4Xmas Tree At Paddington Rec!

Walsall MBC were familiar with the benefits of the NAL Retention Socket system as they use it for both Traffic Signal + Street Lighting installations. They decided that it was the ideal product to house their Christmas trees as it eliminates the annual civils installation costs involved in the erection of the trees.

And we at Trees4Xmas agree, which is why we’ve used a retention socket for the erection of one of our very large Norwegian Spruces at Paddington Recreation Ground in the City of Westminster!

Tree surgeons shape the base of the tree to ensure it fits into the socket and the retaining bolts secure it into position. The socket then lasts for 20 years, drastically reducing local borough Christmas costs.

Here’s how it works:

And here are our Trees4Xmas entrepreneurs putting up the tree at Paddington Rec today:

Paddington Rec is also the place where the Everyone Active Xmas Festival is taking place (They also sponsored the fabulous tree!. Every Friday in December from 4 to 6 pm - until the 23rd - there will be a programme of festive activities to get you fit for Xmas fun, so keep an eye on our blog and events page for more information!

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