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Youth Bond

In early October, Karen Buck MP hosted the launch of a scheme at the House of Commons to promote community giving and investment in young people. The project was initiated by Paddington Youth Enterprises Ltd – who has over the past year teamed up with Westminster Council and partners in London / Oslo to produce a business plan that does not rely upon charity. Our local youth are introducing products and services during the Christmas period for the local community. Using their own skills and enterprise, PYE will be creating a Westminster wide network of ‘Community Tree’ site festive activities to inspire donors to invest in the value of young people.

This plan builds upon past Christmas sales experience by our youth and develops the WWI concept of ‘youth bonds’ to help raise new resources. Domestic ‘bonds’ will take the form of pop-out decorations for the home (shown on left). Retailer ‘bonds’ will be window wreaths (natural and/or cling-graphics) to improve our streetscapes throughout December.

Proceeds (after costs) will be paid into a charitable fund - for allocation to youth projects as proposed by local agencies.

Apart from a sense of a quiet personal acclaim, ‘bond’ purchasers will be eligible to vote (indicatively) on proposed project spending and to access a whole range of personal invitations to festive events throughout December. The project has the support of the Lord Mayor of Westminster – who, as part of the scheme, will be making personal invitations to bond purchasers to attend the lighting up ceremony for the ‘Trafalgar Tree’ which will take place this year on Thursday 1st December Your continued support for the social enterprise and its development would be most welcome, as it is a clear demonstration of the of the value of our local youth endeavours.

For more information about the project, please contact:



Phone 079 72 37 59 20

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